colors week

Colors week arrives to Sita Murt boutiques!
Which colour suits you better? Which are the colour shades this season? You can find it out this week; “colors week” arrives to our boutiques. For six days, from Monday to Saturday, we shake up our spaces betting for three colours which are the soul of our summer collection:

Ecru: Monday and Tuesday, we turn into the new white, a blended, not-defined and bright colour. One of those neutral colours we love so much. Wearing ecru our skin looks delicate and our features are sweetened. The values associated to this colour are serenity, resolution and consistency.

Orangine: Wednesday and Thursday, we are this intense but delicate orange. An orangine brushstroke gives us freshness and dynamism and a total look in this colour is a radical bet to look splendid and be admired. This colour must be in the wardrobe this season.

We identify it with happiness, vitality and eloquence.

Soirée: Friday and Saturday, the dark colour, which is a mix of black and blue. It reinforces the personality of any look, it is the in thing in the wardrobes because it is the base of an outfit at any time any day. Although it seems to be a night colour, we’ve made jumpsuits, trousers and tops to be worn during the day so we get a huge impact among the spring pastel colours. Soirée is personality, intensity and leadership.

During the whole week, our staff in Sita Murt boutiques is ready to advice you and discover which colour suits you according to your features, your skin and your personality. No strings attached, we’ll help you to know yourself better.

Open doors … we are waiting for you!