Interview with Diana Gómez

When did you find out that you wanted to be an actress?

Since I was a little girl, I went to theatre and dancing lessons, I always liked to be onstage at school performances at the end of the year. But it was a children version of "The Wizard of Oz" that made me say to my parents: This is what I want to do.

How did you experience your debut in the cinema?

It was in the movie "Salvador" from Manuel Huerga, where I just had a small minor role. It was really special and exciting. On one hand because I was part of such a huge production, surrounded and featured by actors that I always admired and I still do so, on the other hand it allowed me to get to know the story of Salvador Puig Antich.

And what about your role in the movie "Eloise"?

It's really strange, even if it was my first main role, I approached it with calmness.

Maybe I was not conscious of what it meant for me or because the character was so similar to my own personality, that I had no difficulty to adapt myself to it.

Now you have already worked in all the sectors: Cinema, TV and theatre. What do you prefer?

A really typical answer: but in reality, I have no preference. Every area is different, for me the only important thing is a good story and a good character. This is the time when I enjoy the most.

You are very young, but still you have already worked in many different countries. How is it to act in another language?

Professionally, I was only working in Catalan and Spanish, but thanks to different projects I had the chance to travel to countries like Hungary, Lithuania and Argentina. For me it's a luxury, because I was able to discover countries I have never thought about visiting, foreign people, other cultures. It is a very enriching experience.

What can you tell us about Robert Pattinson? You did a scene with him, that finally was not broadcasted, right?

When we made this movie, he hasn't made "Twilight" yet, so he still was relatively unknown. I remember me being fascinated by his face changing's when he put himself into the character of Salvador Dalí. Months later, when I saw him handing over an Oscar I thought by myself: "Oh my god, you made a movie with him! But finally it just remains an anecdote.

What are your next projects about?

Curently we are broadcasting a TV movie called "Habitaciones cerradadas (Locked rooms)" produced by Lluís Maria Güell and with the actors Álex García and Adriana Ugarte. I have a release of two movies called "L'altra frontera" (The other boarder) of André Cruz, and "Las malas presiones (The bad preassure)" of Ángel Santos, winner of the price for the best movie in the New Wave section at the film festival of Sevilla. And if everything goes well, "Las aventuras del Capitán Alastriste (The adventures of Captain Alastriste)", will be broadcasted at the beginning of the coming year. At Telecinco, where I interpret Infant Maria Ana from Austria.

How do you see the panorama of the catalán and spanish cinema?

We have a government, that doesn't support at all our sector. Actions like putting a 21% VAT on tickets, makes culture to an only leisure, however it should be much more than that. The two types of cinema polarize more and more, the commercial, totally valid and necessary to create industry and jobs, and smaller movies that look for another way to be published like festivals or the internet.

How does it feel to be a famous actress for a girl from Igualada? How can we imagine your daily life and the relationship to your neighbors?

The truth is, that my life is the same as it was some years ago and I'm still doing the same I have done in the past. I don't notice any difference, especially not in Igualada, where I have my family and all my friends which I have already for years.

With which director you would like to work with one day?

I like this kind of directors, that propose challenges to the actor, accompany the journey and work on his side and use every moment. I really would like to know how it is to work with Mar Coll. I think she is a very intelligent woman with a high degree of sensibility.

And actor or actress?

Obviously I would love to work with one of the big ones like Meryl Streep. On a national level I'm fascinated by Eduard Fernández and Sergi López.

Last but not least some short questions:

Which garments are never missing in a wardrobe of Diana Gómez?

Skirts and dresses. For any season of the year.

How do you describe your style?

It depends on the period of my life I am in. I really like the style of the 50/60 combined with modern pieces.

A casual look.

A skirt with boots and a leather jacket.

A look for a film festival.

In a dress I feel comfortable with and a nice pair of high heels.

A fashion designer.

I don't have a favorite one. I pay more attention to the designs themselves and less to the name.