Looks for "Sant Joan" night

From Sita Murt we want to welcome summer, showing you a variety of ideal looks for the shortest night of the year, “Sant Joan” night.

We propose you several outfits and styles for you to be inspired and choose the look that fits you better.
Let’s go!

Dress Looks

What's better for “Sant Joan” than a dress? We leave you two options:


1. If you are looking for a classic style, this short dress of kadhi cotton is perfect to shine on “Sant Joan” night.

2. If you want to bet for a daring look, here you have another option, the midi garnet rose dress. It consists of two garments:
the strappy dress with round neck with short sleeve jacket knotted back in the waist. A day-night dress, that fits on any occasion. 

Skirt Looks

Do you like dresses, but instead you prefer skirts to combine them? No problem, here you have two looks that we’ve chosen for you:


1. If you are a white lover and you want to put a little bit of colour to your outfit, the floral print flared midi skirt is your ideal garment to complete the look. 

2. If you like combinations, the striped midi skirt imitating sarong, is the ideal to combine with the top colour fog. You’ll give a fresh and informal style to your look.

Pant Looks

Are you not very convinced with dresses and skirts, because you feel more comfortable in a pant?
For that, we propose you two different outfits combining the fluid pants with darts in front, a versatile and comfortable garment to give the final touch to your looks.


1. If you want to do a total white look, the cotton-crêpe top is the perfect option. And what’s more, you’ll use this garment in other occasions to complete your looks, because white never goes out of style.

2. If you want to give a chic style to your look, we propose you the multicolour striped seersucker blouse. This blouse will stand out the details of the fluid pants and will give a sophisticated style to your look.

Top Looks

Do you prefer to combine your look with a summer top and give a fresh style to your outfit? Here you have our two proposals:


1. If you want to give colour to your outfit, the orange seamless plain top is the garment you are looking for. You can combine it with the striped viscose-linen pants,
in order to give an informal style to the combination. 

2. If you were thinking on a daring look, the tricolour short top and the fluid pants are the perfect combination. And what’s more, you can add the tricolour sporty chic jacket to give the final touch.