Sant Jordi is coming! And we have a book and a rose for you.

<div><img alt="" src=""><br></div>Sant Jordi is a books and roses celebration which is lived intensely in Sita Murt. As every year, for each purchase you make in our boutiques we will give you a book* and a rose. This time, we have chosen a very special book: “La dolça revolució” by Josep Pàmies. It is an essay about health and nutrition, where the author explains the power of medicinal plants and the change of paradigm that means keeping in mind a lifestyle closer to Nature, avoiding chemist products and pesticides. “La dolça revolució” means that, against the violent and cruel revolutions that have shaken the world lately, the medicinal plants revolution, and the ecological agriculture in general, are a way of understanding live completely different, more connected with the ground and being more conscious.

We have enjoyed the book a lot! And we hope you love it too!

(*) Purchases from 80€, in boutiques and eshop.