Sita Murt/ presents its Fall/Winter 15/16 collection on Catwalk 080 Barcelona Fashion

Masculine looks with the most subtle sexy feeling. The new Sita Murt collection breathes style, style with a British accent, intelligent vitality. Clothes for women that go beyond just the superficial.

Knit triumphs: coats, sweaters, trousers with smooth stitching or a little structure, alone or combined with a different fabric. We re-discover knitted pleats on dresses and skirts as the focus of the collection.

We've worked with soft, flowing fabrics that contrast with other more structured and markedly graphic fabrics, a play on volume and material where the knit is sewn between very thin and irregular wools and alpaca mohair.

The sobriety of the colours is only a front: male, elegant marengo grey combined with an explosion of very suggestive copper, or mixed beige and a palette of natural tones such as khaki receive shimmers of light with the electric blues.


080 Barcelona Fashion

3 de February 2015 / 19:00h

Museu Marítim de Barcelona

Drassanes Reials

Plaça del Portal de la Pau, 1

08001 Barcelona

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