Talking with Andrea Vicens from MasterChef3

Today we talk with Andrea Vicens, the 3rd finalist of the third edition of the famous program MasterChef. Andrea left a mark during her participation in the reality thanks to her wonderful cooking abilities and her lovely personality. Andrea loves fashion, gastronomy and odontology. Right now, she has two blogs focused on gastronomy, fashion and lifestyle, one in the prestigious magazine Hello!

Andrea introducing photo in MasterChef site on

Before starting the contest, you were studying odontology and working as a model. How did you decide to participate in a cooking reality like MasterChef?

Actually it wasn’t me (laughs). My mother secretly signed me up. She had been keeping her eyes on me during my free time and she realised I was always cooking and doing dinners at home to had the perfect excuse to cook by myself. I used to cook so as to surprise people with dishes; obviously always in an amateur version. Before the contest, I had never done any cooking course or studies. Everything I knew I had learned by watching TV cooking programs, reading books and blogs or tasting different restaurants and asking, always asking... (laughs). From four years ago, the cuisine world had woken up me a lot of curiosity about its infinity of possibilities. As Juan Mari Arzak chef always says: “Which is your secret to keep yourself at the top during 30 years? Being humble, inquisitive, staying at the street and doing everything as better as possible”.

During the week all the candidates do classes and tests at the kitchens and outside. How is living the reality day by day?

At the beginning is a new thing for you. You are not used to be monitored the 24 hours of the day. You live in a house isolated of the rest of the world. It was forbidden to watch TV, listen to the radio and read the newspapers. We only had ten minutes per week to talk by phone with our families, and all the calls were monitored so as not to be informed about anything it was happening at the outside. That situation gave us more sensation of isolation. Nowadays, we are used to be always connected with everybody by our mobiles in any part of the world, so during the contest the feeling of isolation got bigger.

The judges Jordi, Samantha and Pepe are always very severe with all the candidates, but sometimes they give us very funnier moments with you. How is your relation with the chefs behind the scenes? Do you have any anecdote?

Our relation is almost absent. The program doesn’t like that they have a close relationship with us, in order to be always the most objective as possible with their verdicts. But it’s true that in my case, for example, I had a closer relation with them than others who had to leave the contest during the first weeks. It is not exactly an anecdote, but I had never thought one day Samantha burst into our house at midnight to wake up us screaming to start the team test outside.

After a gradual growth during the program you became the third finalist. Which memory of the contest do you keep the most?

I keep a big bag plenty of very good memories and some bad too. The experience is amazing and you can only live it if you participate in the reality. It’s hard for me to find the exactly way to express the sensation of tension, stress, nervous and satisfaction at the same time. Especially, when you see week by week how the group decreases. However, the experience was good for me to see how far I can arrive and since then, I always repeat to myself the statement that one time my boyfriend told me: “Sky is the limit”. It transmits perfectly my spirit full of struggle and desire to improve, without that I had never arrived at the final.