Tricot Days - Discover our best selection of knitwear

Temperatures are lower and the cold arrives sooner than expected. During these days the knitted garments will be our best ally to fight the cold temperatures, but have you ever wondered why our knitwear is so special?

The answer is very simple: we create each fabric in our own laboratory. Mixing and re-mixing the threads until we find new textures, we knit them looking for structures or unique motifs or we perch them to make them softer and fluffy. Everything is replicated later in proximity workshops to create unique and qualitative garments for you to wear the bests trends.

"And which are the trendsfor this season?" - You will ask us. We give you three essential clues for this season.

1. The Oversized knitted coat
The wide and comfortable knitted coats are one of the season’s stars. Choose colors like ochre, chocolate brown or deep red for this autumn. At Sita Murt/ we present it in a fabric made from alpaca thread, one of the softest and lightest in the market, combined with wool to give more warmth.
The print has been woven with the jacquard technique that allows to create the drawing while the fabric is manufactured, combining different colors and threads of different thicknesses or materials.

2. Ponchos and capes
Besides being comfortable and warm, the ponchos have returned with designs for everybody.

In Sita Murt/ we’ve created different styles: from smooth ones with seasonal tones, with bows or the one that we introduce you with geometric drawings made with the jacquard technique 
 with Lurex yarn, which provides subtle metallic highlights when combined with other threads . We bet on open sleeves to give more fullness to the piece.
3. Knitted Pants
You will be very comfortable with our proposals! High Pallazzo trousers are ideal for any occasion and very easy to combine. You will be amazed by Merino wool: much thinner and softer than conventional wool. You can easily combine them with fine blouses or with knitted sweaters for a casual look. In this case, we recommend you the tricolor knit sweater with wide sleeves.
If you want more ideas on how to combine your knitwear, you can always visit one of our stores so our experts can advise you about different looks and outfits. And, if you want to know more about different types of knit and how we work with them in our laboratory, do not miss our next post!

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