Sita Murt presents her new collection Bloom in the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show

The return of Sita Murt to the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show brought an explosion of finesse to the assistants thanks to the new collection Bloom, filled with light fabrics and designs, subtle, that transport us to a delicate world of watercolors and almost oniric.

This year the 080 has taken place in an incomparable setting: the recently reformed modernist enclosure of the Hospital Sant Pau of Barcelona.

In this context, Sita Murt has presented such light fabrics that seem to fly, cleanly structured linens show all their soul, both in knitwear and in flat weave; voiles of the thinnest cotton and delicate embroidery hidden in a mimetic game. In tricot, the linen threads have been worked out of their context, looking for structures both subtle and special.

Bloom has also highlighted because of its colors that transport us to a watercolor world with a chalk white and a grayish pool blue, and a counterpoint with a touch of a pepper color. These are the dominant colors of this story, whilst the accent is given by a tangerine, both dusty and alive.